Our 3 dogs Patch, Hazyl & Bloo where adopted in 2003 and they have truly given us Unconditional Love, thus creating 3 Dawg in 2007

We lost our baby girl Hazyl in 2011 to kidney failure, so we fostered a little girl which reminded us of Hazyl and she became a great companion to Bloo, Hazyls sister in 2012, she was our first foster and we of course became foster failures :) we named her Yogi and she spent 2 beautiful fun filled playful years with her sister Bloo as they became inseparable, we lost Bloo in 2014 to lung cancer :(

Patch was 14 and we lost him August 23, 2015 :(

We still have Yogi and miss all our babies.

We donate 10-20% of sales to local rescues, we also attend various events, volunteer, donate raffle items and or a percentage of our sales, part of your purchase will help pets in need.